Urius is the software consulting company with the most comprehensive experience in developing FX Options solutions. Urius is made up of key personnel from Derivatech that were instrumental in delivering the top FX Options Pricing, Risk Management and Trading System in the world. 

At Urius, we are focused on helping global trading desks, options sales teams, risk managers and their software development and support teams deliver proprietary technologies and user-end service that boosts the desk’s effectiveness and performance. We provide FX Consultants with extensive knowledge in the FX domain to mentor and assist your team. We come equipped with an extensive track record in strengthening our customer’s Foreign Exchange and Options Trading Software Systems.

With a vast history of developing leading options valuation engines, volatility management tools, and easy of use user interfaces, we can turbo-charge your internal development efforts. 

Project Management   Architecture / Development
  • All 9 Knowledge Areas of PMBOK
  • Projects run at CMM Level 3-5
  • Architectural Documentation
  • Architectural White Papers
  • SQL and ODBC
  • Database Design
  • C++, C#, VB, and Java
  • User Interface Development
  • Windows and Solaris/HP-UX Platform Development
  • SOAP, SFC (Triarch/TIB-RV), CORBA, MQSeries, and sockets
  • Financial Modeling
  • Rigorous System and Unit Testing; Automation and Simulation
  • FIX
  • Calypso

  • Object Oriented Design (using RUP/eXtreme/Agile)
  • Design Patterns
  • The American Finance Association
  • Center for Creative Leadership
New York